TMP Programmatic Jobs

How do you maximize your job ad performance?

Now you can sponsor your jobs across a select set of sites to maximize your performance and return on investment. You decide on the overall media spend, and our team of experts manages your “portfolio” using technology automation and a human touch.

Save time and money while prioritizing the jobs that need the most attention.

TMP’s Programmatic Jobs offering is a performance-based advertising solution designed to take your ad spend further to maximize your impact. We don’t waste budget on media that doesn’t convert. And we turn up the spend on critical and hard-to-fill jobs and turn down the spend on jobs that already have enough applicants. With TMP Programmatic Jobs, we can change media exposure to meet your changing recruiting goals and see the impact in near real time.

  • Real-time adjustments to media exposure maximize your ad performance.
  • Job prioritization features jobs that need the most attention so your budget can go further.
  • Technology automation and a human touch ensure both software and TMP experts are working together to solve your hiring needs.

The next evolution of media buying.

As your recruiting goals change, so should your ad strategy. TMP’s Programmatic Jobs offering gives you more scalable, flexible options as compared to buying traditional job postings or PPC on individual media sites. This means you won’t get locked into multiple long-term contracts or have to manage PPC individually. Other benefits of TMP’s Programmatic Jobs offering include:

  • Access to the most data for benchmarks to deliver you better results.
  • Strategy and professional account management with the speed and responsiveness of technology to address your recruiting goals as they change.
  • A holistic offering that includes brand, creative, TalentBrew Career Site destination, and re-targeting to help you create ads that reach and convert candidates.

Improve the efficiency of your media buy.

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